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Holy lands of Nebraska offers a message of hope to the rest of the United States. An existential crisis is upon us. Those who watch our film will see the values they knew well as children displayed and featured. Values held and cherished for family, love of each other and our community are everlasting here. We mustn’t ignore the advance of chaos. In this documentary we go and question those embroiled in the pragmatic vogue. We go with an open heart. Many have lost their way, but we mustn’t abandon all hope. Nebraska welcomes them.

We look forward to share with them what we found in Nebraska.

Works of indelible beauty
Works that remind us of the glory of God

• We're in a battle with the forces of chaos, (WEF, Communists, Evil).
• Choosing to remain neutral makes us an unwilling participant in the destruction of American Values.
• The only way forward is to have our voices heard.

Are these lost souls we see evil people, or is their cheap signaling a desperate cry for help? Do these broken souls people dream that someone can hear them? Our documentary hopes to give a voice to those that are not being heard. Often they may look diametrically opposed but are seeking the same thing. We want to provide a door for those in need to rekindle their faith. Those who have lost their way become ironically susceptible to seek their identity from the very people who wish to destroy faith and belittle their belief in God.

Those who believe in God and the Catholic faith must content themselves with a deafening silence with regards to their values. We know what is wrong or right, the bible is clear. But how can we help those in need if the mere act of speaking of these values will be interpreted as an act of violence?

In this eye opening documentary film we feature the work of the unsung heroes of our faith. Those who create amazing works of charity and work tirelessly for the glory of God. In a strange turn of events, and due to the current chaos facing the United States, the directors of these non-profit organizations in Nebraska offer the backstop to chaos. They’ve become the backbone of an unlikely rebellion. When chaos rules half of the US; family values, love for God and country become a rebellious act.

We ask the difficult questions and seek guidance from some of the top clergy and philanthropists in and about Nebraska. We speak to those lost souls and connect them to works of faith. We follow the change, the miracle. We watch as they put on the suit of light and walk again toward the light of God. Together we make a change. We voice the unheard. We listen to the souls in need.
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Our funding will be used in four parts $1.8M Goal

Stage 1
Development and pre-production
Stage 2
Production /talent /travel
Stage 3
Post / delivery
Stage 4
Self/ Distribution / theatre 2 city
Current purse $0

• While our intent is to fund all 4 stages simultaneously, a minimum of Stage 1 funding is required to green light the project.

• Stage 2 Will lock and announce talent that will lead the documentary. (We have pre-casted the talent already)

• Stage 3 funding will complete and deliver the film to distributors.

• Stage 4 rents movie theatres for split ticket sales or free showings at different states around the US.
Current progress
Stage 1 (development and pre-production) includes all the steps necessary to get the film completely ready for day 1 production. The work is already begun. Paid by our producers or pro-bono where possible.

Stage 2 funding is required for production to begin. With development efforts well on the way. We’ve already had discussions and made plans with our target interviews. We’ve visited many sites we intend to feature across the Omaha and Eastern Nebraska region. Our team has completed scouting and will move to development.

With a successful first round we’ll reach out to our cast who we hope will conduct the interviews and investigation. Contractually we cannot mention who the stars are until formally on-board. We’re already discussed the project with two. Once funded producers will make the announcement on this website.